Welcome to Style of Your Own!

   Hello, and Welcome to Style of Your Own! Everyday we see on television, Facebook, Instagram, even in the grocery store checkout line, how we are supposed to dress, accessorize, or even act. Style of Your Own was created to be a interactive store where you can find your unique, individual style.

   We start by filling the store with the best selling and trendiest clothing and accessories from around the world. You browse, shop, and find the perfect addition to your wardrobe... but if you don't, go to the contacts page and send us an email, or just click that message tab on the bottom right of our site and start a chat. At this store, you (the Customers) get to choose what we offer. Make requests, send suggestions, ask us to find something and within a few days, you'll receive a message from us with a link to the new product that YOU added to our store! How cool is that?! A store where the customers can actually change the inventory!

   In addition to influencing what we sell, when you make a purchase and sign up for an account, you'll become a "Style VIP", you will receive special offers and discounts, get first access to the latest, trendiest products and you'll be eligible for the optional "Personal Style Consultant". When you use this option, I, (the owner of Style of Your Own) will message you personally to say thank you and help you make style decisions for any occasion. If you need help putting an outfit together for an interview, accessorizing for a date, or just don't know what to wear for a night out on the town, you'll have me there. Send me photos of the clothes and accesories you have to work with and with my 3 years of experience as a Wardrobe Consultant and 2 years in the fashion retail industry, I'll put ideas together using your already owned stuff and of course some suggested products from our store. You'll be walking proud in a Style of Your Own in no time!

Thank you for time and I hope to help you find your own style soon.


Joshua Eckenrod

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